Yolanda Quintana


Yolanda Quintana, an EOF student with a double major in History and English, has had an exciting year.  She spent the fall 2015 semester studying abroad in Melbourne, Australia and while there, took trips to New Zealand and Indonesia.  Yolanda returned to the United States in December and is currently preparing to earn her teaching certificate.

Yolanda's Rutgers University pride comes from her sisters who attended Rutgers University in Camden before her.  She began her college career in EOF's Summer Institute, and had a great time making friends and taking classes.  When asked what her favorite Summer Institute memory is, she responded "We had a day off and my roommate and I bought a lot of food from the cafeteria, put our beds together, and pigged out all day watching an entire television series.  It was great!"  Yolanda is an active member of Sigma Delta Tau-Delta Zeta chapter at Rutgers-Camden.  She loves relaxing on the Walt Whitman Center Quad with friends and picked up sewing as a hobby during her stay in Australia.  One of Yolanda's favorite professors at Rutgers-Camden is Dr. Keith Green, a professor who teaches Early African American Literature and Modern African American Literature.  His enthusiasm for his work makes his classes amazing.

Yolanda is a serious student.  She believes in the mantra "Work hard, play hard," but says she only gets to play hard if she earns it.  When asked if she had any advice for incoming EOF students, Yolanda said "Budgeting is always good and being organized." 

In her free time, Yolanda enjoys watching historical movies.  Her future goals include traveling the world and teaching overseas.  Eventually, Yolanda would like to use her degree to benefit Camden's students by working in education administration.

Yolanda is a serious student. She believes in the mantra "Work hard, play hard," but says she only gets to play hard if she earns it.