EOF Transfer Student Common Questions/Answers

Please read below to better understand the application and admission process for the EOF Program. 


  1. Q: What am I required to do as an EOF Student?
    • A: EOF is a comprehensive support services program, all students are required to meet with their EOF Counselor regularly and participate in programming 
  2. Q: What if I am an Off-Campus student (i.e. I am taking my Rutgers classes at a satellite campus), do I have to come to the Camden Campus?
    • A: NO. While we will not require you to come on campus, you will be expected to meet with your EOF Counselor virtually and participate in available virtual workshops/programs that are live, or watch recordings and provide documentation. 
  3. Q: Does everyone need to turn in a tax return transcript?
    • A: Yes, EVERYONE, regardless if you previously received EOF or not, is required to turn in a tax return transcript as part of the EOF verification process for Rutgers-Camden.
  4. Q: How long does it typically take to receive a tax return transcript after requesting it (via mail)?
    • A: It can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to get your tax return transcript. As such, is important you request this ASAP
  5. Q: If I received EOF from a county college, do I still have to do the Rutgers EOF Verification Process?
    • A: Yes, even if you received EOF at a community college prior to Rutgers, you still need to complete the Rutgers-Camden verification process. EOF does not automatically transfer from one institution to another. 
  6. Q: What documents do I need to be financially verified for EOF?
    • A: The Office of Financial Aid will let you know what documents you specifically need to be verified for the EOF Program. You will receive an email from their office soon after you are opened for verification outlining the documents you must turn in. You can also check your documents during the process HERE.  You only need to submit what it is requested from you. 
  7. Q: Should I bring in all my documents at once? Or can I can bring in each document as I receieve them? 
    • A: You can turn them in as you receive them, you do not need to wait until you have all your documents gathered.
  8. Q: Is the HESAA verification process different than the Financial Aid Verification Process?
    • A: Yes the HESAA verification process is different and must be completed in addition to the Rutgers verification process. 
  9. Q: How much will my EOF grant be?
    • A: Your EOF grant amount will be determined by the Office of Financial Aid during the verification process and will depend on your residency and your specific information. The EOF grant is either $700 or $825 per semester.
  10. Q: What email will the Office of Financial Aid send information about the documents I owe for the EOF verification?
    • A: The Office of Financial Aid will only email your Rutgers account.
  11. Q: What happens if I miss the deadline to turn in documents for the EOF Verification process?
    • A: If you miss the deadline given to you to turn in your required financial documents, you will no longer be considered for the EOF Program. HOWEVER, please be aware that even if you are removed from EOF consideration, you will still need to turn in the requested documents in order to be eligible to receive the rest of your financial aid for the fall semester.
  12. Q: When will I know that I have completed the verification process and officially am an EOF student at Rutgers-Camden?
    • A: The EOF Office will contact you once we receive confirmation from the Office of Financial Aid that you have completed and submitted all the documents you owed. You will then be assigned an EOF Counselor