Freshman Appeal Application

I hereby grant permission to the Rutgers-Camden EOF program to access my financial aid data, academic transcripts, and any information regarding my application.  I understand that all information will be kept confidential.                                                                     



Program Expectations

  • Maintain full-time (minimum 12 credit hours) enrollment in the Fall and Spring semesters unless given special permission to attend on a part-time basis by the Director.
  • Declare major prior to completion of 60 credits, unless approved by the EOF Director;
  • Meet Standards of Academic Progress (SAP) and good academic standing requirements as determined by the University;
  • Meet regularly with their EOF Counselor and keep Counselor informed of personal, academic, and/or financial issues and/or changes;
  • Attend required educational enrichment activities;
  • Meet with their professional advisor once per semester;
  • Participate in tutoring and other academic support sessions as directed by your EOF Counselor;
  • Activate, use, and read Rutgers email on a regular basis;
  • Submit required financial aid documentation each semester as indicated by the Office of Financial Aid, the NJ Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA), and/or your EOF Counselor; and
  • Verify residential status, financial eligibility, and personal contact information each semester.
I have read and understand the Program Expectations listed above. By signing, I agree to adhere to these expectations. Failure to do so will result in defunding of the EOF grant.

Note: Funding is NOT guaranteed.  It is determined by income guidelines set by the State of New Jersey, EOF regulations and budget allocation. In addition, students must comply with ALL Financial Aid (FA) office and Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA) requests for documents by deadlines provided.